Causes for Increased Fuel Consumption

If your car has started to consume more fuel than usual, then there is a possibility that there is a malfunction in the car. However, finding it can be a headache for you, since it is very difficult to establish the true cause for increased fuel consumption. Let us consider all the main causes of increased fuel consumption in vehicles.

First of all, everything depends on the operational circumstances of your car. For example, such factors as the number of people travelling in a car, the distance a vehicle usually travels, the driving style of a driver, traffic jams, and the time of year during which a car is used directly affect the final fuel consumption.

One of the main and most important factors which has an impact on fuel consumption is driver themselves, or rather, how they drive the car. All drivers have different driving styles. Some drivers like to accelerate as fast as possible and brake abruptly at every traffic light, whereas others on the contrary prefer a calm and measured style of driving, at lower speeds. Thus, your manner of driving a car may be the reason for bad fuel consumption. In case you drive a sports car like dodge challenger, you should be ready for the fact that it will provoke you to drive faster but the fun might be worth it to refuel your car more often.

And what if your car began to consume significantly more fuel through no fault of your driving style? In this case, either external factors (the weather, road conditions) are involved, or, as most often happens, there is a malfunction in your car.

It is very difficult to find the cause for increased fuel consumption on your own. In this case, it is necessary to have the entire car thoroughly inspected, since the probability of your car malfunctioning is very high in case you noticed that your fuel consumption is skyrocketing.

Before you turn to your local mechanic, you may want to start searching for a possible malfunction leading to increased fuel consumption on your own. For example, you can to check the tire pressure, as this is something you can easily do.
If, when examining the tires, you find that their pressure is different from that recommended by the manufacturer, then this is probably the main reason for increased fuel consumption.

The fact is that due to low tire pressure, fuel consumption can increase up to 30%!
In addition, very often, increased fuel consumption can be observed in case your car’s air filter is dusty. The thing is that through the air filter and inside the engine, the necessary portion of oxygen is continuously supplied to ignite the fuel. Naturally, if the filter is too dusty, the engine will start to experience oxygen starvation, which leads to bad fuel consumption.

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