The Dos and Don’ts of Van Racking

If you are intending to install van racking in your LCV, these tips will help you achieve the best results and avoid the most common pitfalls of this process.

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The Good

Van sales are still at near-record levels, even with a slight slip in 2017. And with the right racking solution, businesses can optimise the way their cargo and equipment are transported.

To start a racking adaptation project on the right foot, you need to first look at what you want to carry around in your van. This applies not only to the dimensions of the goods or tools in question but also the weight of the items.

Also think about if you need to provide extra protection during transit, whether through the addition of extra security available from sites like or in terms of the way payloads are held in place.

The material you choose for your racking arrangement will play a big part in its effectiveness. Affordable plywood protection for the interior in combination with basic metal-framed racks can work for some, while others may prefer a more advanced Sortimo van racking set-up.

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If you have money to spend, steel or alloy linings can be lighter and more durable than wood as well as being able to accommodate flexible customisable racking solutions.

The Bad

Taking a one-size-fits-all approach to van racking can lead to some potentially severe problems, as the small amount of cash you save by going for a generic solution could be a false economy if the results are not actually able to offer any benefits in daily use.

Similarly, if you fail to keep an eye on how the racking will impact the payload capacity of your van, then you might find that it is all too easy to overburden the vehicle and ultimately create a safety hazard that impacts the driver, passengers and any other road users.

The total weight, the way the load will shift and the areas in which most of the mass will be located all need to be considered – or ignored at your peril. Working with professionals to get the right racking solution is advised as a result of all these variables, especially if you want to install shelving and drawers as part of the layout you choose.