Quick Tips To Help With Your CBT Test

If you’re someone who wants to legally operate either a motorcycle or a moped on UK roads, you will need to start by completing CBT or Compulsory Basic Training. There are multiple stages in CBT training and each must be cleared before you’ll be able to legally operate your bike on UK roads for a period of two years. If you’re intimidated by the prospect of this rigorous training and the multiple levels of testing that it entails, you can use the tips that follow to get help with your CBT test.

Relax And Take Things Easy

Contrary to what many people happen to believe, CBT isn’t really an actual test. Instead, it is basic, comprehensive training that takes place in a single day. Once the full day of training is completed, you will receive your CBT certificate, so long as your instructor is pleased with your road awareness and riding skills. If this day-long training session is not completed to the satisfaction of your instructor, you can complete it again on another day. When you don’t complete CBT training, this does not mean that you have failed or that you need to wait a set period of time before being able to start the course once more. As such, you really can relax and take things easy.

Understand The Theory

CBT testing is about far more than simply being able to ride your bike skillfully and safely. There is also a significant focus placed on many other aspects of motorcycle and moped riding. In essence, you will need to have a basic understanding of the UK highway code and of UK traffic signs, among other things. You also have to be cognizant of the rules that are specific to moped and motorcycle operators. Knowing what other motorists are doing and the actions that they are likely to take in various road traffic scenes is something that you might be tested on as well. Due to this fact, you should review all compulsory or basic riding skills and licensing regulations that are relevant to the CBT course.

Learn More About Motorbikes Before Getting Started

On the actual day of your test, you will get an introduction to the motorbike. You will be shown all of the bike controls by your instructor. If you do not have any fore-knowledge of bike controls, this is info that can easily go over your head or leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Schedule Your CBT Course At A Reputable Training School

Book a CBT course with a reputable motorbike training school directly. There are five distinct parts of CBT training. In the first element, you will receive a vision test and an introduction to CBT. Onsite training, onsite riding, training on-road, and riding on-road are the remaining four elements. Ultimately, you are going to learn everything that all amateur moped and motorcycle riders typically learn in CBT. Get in touch with approved training institutions like London Motorcycle Training to access the most comprehensive CBT training programmes available.